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Cooking School

Chef Rolf

Cooking Classes at The Acorn Kitchen Kittery

The Basics cooking class series will give you an understanding of the fundamental processes in the kitchen. It is a mix of traditional knowledge, science and history that was passed on to me in kitchens around the world. I will guide you through these intense subjects and help you better understand what you are actually doing in your kitchen. The classes are small and personal with only 6 to 8 people. The classes are setup as presentations with demonstrations and some hands on learning depending on the subject. You will actually be in the kitchen with me while I am cooking. We don’t have a liquor license, but we will provide the glasses if you happen to bring a bottle.

You will become a better cook after attending this series!

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Multi-Class Discounts

Learning to cook again is not done in just one class.

Interested in signing up for a series? Please take advantage of these discounted prices for the series of classes held at Acorn Kitchen in Kittery, Maine

  • one evening class: $50
  • three evening classes: $120
  • five evening classes: $150

Please send me an email if you would like to sign up for a series. Cancellations are accepted 24 hours before beginning of the class.


Cooking Classes as House Parties

My cooking classes are also set up as house parties. Instead of going to see yet another movie with your friends, why not get together and learn a new cooking skill?

Let me expose you and your friends to basic cooking techniques, tricks of the trade and expose you to new flavors that you will be able to utilize in your kitchen. I want to teach about different ingredients and new ways to use them in your cooking.

My goal is to empower you to take charge of your cooking!

Learn from me, Chef Rolf, in your kitchen or community center. All you need to host a class is a stove and enough space for you and your friends.

My classes take approximately 3 hours, including preparation and clean-up. For example, I will arrive at your house or community center at 5pm to setup. Guests should arrive at 6pm. We are going to be finished around 8:30. Classes are designed for 6-8 people and cost $350. For more detailed information on possible subjects or to schedule a class, just contact me. I need 48 hours notice to setup a class.

The Basics
Course includes the following topics: defining food groups, preparation and basic cooking techniques

5 simple ideas for entertaining

Both light and hardy salad recipes, discussed and demonstrated

For Kids
Children will taste different foods and learn about where they come from and how they can be simply prepared

Pasta & Sauces
Choose one of two directions; fresh tomato sauce or olive oil and garlic

A classic Italian rice dish with endless possibilities

Working with the entire bird; cleaning, cutting, cooking

Preparation techniques for 3 unique recipes featuring vegetables, cream and bouillon

The European Kitchen
An introduction to the country’s cuisine of your choice

Focuses on what fruits and vegetables are in season and how to prepare them

What can I bring to your table?

“I look forward to cooking with you!”

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