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Chicken Stock

Yield: 1-1 ½  Gallons
Cooking Time: ½ day


1 whole Chicken (3-4 Lbs Henne)
1 Lbs Soup Vegetables Bundle
(1 Carrot, peeled, Celery, Onion, 1/2 Leek)
(2 large Bay Leafs, 2 Cloves, tied together with string)
2 Tblsp. Salt
2 Gallons Water


 In a large pot, cover the chicken with cold water and start cooking the chicken.
When it gets boiling, ladle the foam and gross stuff off the top of the soup.
Then add your vegetable bundle and the salt and simmer for 2-3 hours until the meat falls of the chicken.
Remove the chicken and the vegetables, Strain out all the solids out of the stock.
Cool down as fast as possible and work the stock in to the freezer (tupperware).
If the stock is not boiling and unrefrigerated, it can go bad within 24 hours!

Use the chicken meat, for chicken salad, chicken soup, or pulled chicken

Chef Rolf

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